M&O Paris 2017 to execute an ambitious French operation

Published on : Thursday, December 22, 2016

mom2017. This is the probably the year of design à la française. Next January, twenty-five exhibitors at MAISON&OBJET PARIS will echo an ambitious operation entitled: ‘Le French Design, no taste for bad taste’.



A MOM special UNIFA selection by designer Emmanuel Gallina
Every month, the M&O MAG unveils a selection by a personality MOM. Emmanuel Gallina is playing this game and he gives his point of view. His creative ethic at authenticity and coherence is embodied in every one of his projects. To him, attention to detail is a constant priority in the contours, shapes and functionality of his work.


“This selection is a focus on a new dynamic of furniture Made in France. What These companies have in Common is to own an important “know-how” based on an artisanal and industrial history´ – Emmanuel Gallina.


French designer Emmanuel Gallina has selected his favourite Ameublement français pieces.


•    Lounge Chair Hug – Jean-Marc GADY
•    BOUILLOTTE Coffee table – Élise Fouin
•    Cardinal armchair – François Champsaur
•    Modèle 44 _ SATURNE – Dangles et Defrance
•    Balad Lamp – Tristan Lohner
•    Table Chevron – Guillaume Delvigne
•    Landa Desk – Samuel Accoceberry


mom 2Reneissance: The ultimate in luxury on the table

Created by Céline Perrin-Davy in 2012, Renaissance’s hand-embroidered napery has won over a prestigious clientele in search of exceptional articles.


Céline Perrin-Davy, founder of Renaissance, purveyors of high-end luxury, embroidered household linen: “Some absolutely incredible projects saw the light of day at Scènes d’Intérieur. It is a place where we get to meet a high-class clientele who are looking for unique and truly extraordinary products.” One example amongst many was an African president who ordered a 49 m long, horseshoe-shaped tablecloth in openwork Richelieu linen: it was “a Herculean task that required eight months’ work”. Or an ultra-rich Russian client with a passion for scuba diving, who ordered a 14 m long pearl stitch tablecloth embroidered with textured fish and coral motifs in a gradation of almost 50 different colours. “We worked on movement, as if the fish were rising out of the tablecloth.” As for the Saudi royal family, they opted for a piece that was embroidered with arabesque motifs in gold thread.


All of these marvels are made in a workshop in the South of France, where some 250 embroiderers busy themselves producing pieces that are a contemporary take on tradition.


Carolo’s mythological menagerie

Sculptor Carole Chanard, alias Carolo, is continuing her visual research into the theme of animality. After using cow dung to create her part man, part animal, hybrid creatures, she is now experimenting with a new material based on recycled paper.


Inspired by her two favourite cows, this self-taught sculptor began modelling in 2004. She used a somewhat surprising material that she had close at hand: cow dung. This natural material was dried and dehydrated in an oven to make it inert. In fact, it’s not so surprising because this material is traditionally used by different cultures to make wattle and daub constructions for homes. “With its fibrous composition and the presence of cellulose that acts as a binder, this ready-to-use material helped me to sculpt volumes after I’d had all kinds of problems with clay”, Carole explains. It was at this point that she began developing her mythological menagerie. The expression of her love of cows has met with success in France’s Savoie region and Switzerland because cows have a prominent place in alpine culture.


Atelier Mouti’s fanciful world

Parisian graphic designer Mélissa Paszkiewicz presents her poetic and graphic world. Her brand, Atelier Mouti, is flourishing as it progressively develops a global offer that’s perfectly in tune with the times.


She launched Atelier Mouti in 2015. After just one year, the brand now boasts 45 sales outlets in Paris and across France, as well as in Germany and New York. “People loved my imaginary world and business got off to a really quick start. The trade show boosted the phenomenon. I am completely snowed under”, says Mélissa, a former creative director in the communication and publishing industries, who has come back to her first loves: drawing and paper.


mom 3Marc Venot: the alliance of functionality and desirability

Let’s just say that he has recently received several awards that recompense a sound creative approach, one which combines technical innovation with a fair share of poetry. Definitely a designer one can put his money on.


The Acrobat lamp was very challenging from a technological point of view: it required three year’s development work by Marc and design company Normann Copenhagen. People are surprised by the light’s truly magical aspect that is achieved by using magnets. The Secret Box (Lexon) is just as surprising: the box can either reveal or conceal its contents thanks to an opaque coloured liquid that is placed between the double transparent plastic sides. “It is a great commercial success: they are selling like hot cakes!”

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