Kartell’s innovations take iSalone by surprise

Published on : Tuesday, May 19, 2015

kartellEvery year, Kartell loves to play with its appearance by interpreting a theme, a trend, or a concept.

This year the inspiration behind the stand’s display, once again made up of Ferruccio Laviani products, is to show the collection in a new light pairing brand-new products with those already in the catalogue, and demonstrating how various creative forms and products from different years can live side by side in perfect harmony. After all, the philosophy of blending different tastes and styles has always been part of the Kartell DNA. It is not by chance that the brand has continuously worked with more than 20 designers, each with their own style and expressive design approach, throughout its years.


Kartell is exhibiting its own concept of elegance, which is versatile and eclectic, customisable and open to free interpretation.


In a word: contemporary. The stand is designed to look like a large architectural building in a classical style. With a beige carpeted floor, slightly stylised velvet panel curtains, marbleized laminated platforms with bronze edging, and product displays featuring the same marble veining, every stylistic choice suggests the idea of the “bourgeois home” and clearly shows how Kartell products can be elegantly integrated anywhere, raising the status of plastics and proving them to be more exquisite and chic than ever before.


The latest Kartell products and its classics pieces rub shoulders like never before on each of the platforms, suggesting possible tastes, colour schemes or uses. The catalogue’s products are therefore laid out in 14 displays according to their aesthetic, functional and material affinities, and sometimes even to highlight their contrasts. At Kartell, we know that elegance can also derive from diversity and a fusion of styles, not just a matching look that is so popular right now.


Kartell Contemporary Lifestyle: a veritable tribute to elegance, sophistication and the freedom to merge moods, styles and tastes. This is the Kartell lifestyle.

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