HI-MACS Redefines A Dream Garden

Published on : Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Hi mac German houseA German family from Upper Bavaria, the Dreers’ garden is a dream come true as it has been enhanced by the whiteness and freshness of HI-MACS – the star of the space. This cutting-edge acrylic stone is present in the majority of the elements that make up the elegant outdoor area, from the furniture and lining of the pool down to part of the floor.


For Karl Dreer, owner and builder of this dream garden, the choice of HI-MACS for this very personal project was a clear one. Dreer is proprietor of Dreer GmbH, a manufacturing company renowned for exclusive interior designs, making him an expert in the use of high-tech materials. As such, Dreer’s positive experience with HI-MACS and its excellent results led him to use the material once again for one of his most prized possessions: his own home.


“The lack of visible joints, which ensures the highest level of hygiene possible, the elegant appearance, durability, and sturdiness of HI-MACS were all decisive factors in choosing the material. In addition, the fact that it is easy to maintain and resistant to sunlight, water, and the elements – even during periods of harsh frosts – gave us the essential qualities we needed for the outdoor furniture,” explains Dreer.


A long table (3900 x 1000 x 720 mm) with a futuristic look and free-floating form is one of the elements of this amazing garden that draws the eye in. The thermo-formable and malleable properties of the acrylic stone were ideal when it came to creating this unique, custom-designed piece of furniture, characterized by its undulating shapes that are perfectly joined in a uniform way. The result is a singular piece that marries design and functionality, which would have been impossible to build with other conventional materials such as stone or wood.


“The structure of the top of the table consists of a metal construction with interwoven fibers, which made it possible to reinforce the tension of the table in different directions. Thanks to its flexibility, the piece is perfectly level despite its remarkable length. The elements were applied to the metal frame, fitted together, adhered, and sanded. The stylish square chairs provide a touch of uniqueness to this outdoor gem, where classic craftsmanship and more innovative design come together,” add the experts from Karl Dreer GmbH – Klopfer Surfaces.


Pieces such as the square chairs, sofa and side table, as well as the surfaces of the two comfortable sun loungers situated at either end of the pool, were also developed using the HI-MACS Alpine White color scheme. Meanwhile, the interior of the house is linked to the exterior by means of the pure white floor executed in acrylic stone that surrounds the pool.



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