Cantilever Paper Table from MOLO

Published on : Saturday, July 11, 2015

modular_cantilever_table_01 copy 1After Softblock Modular System, LED Lighting, Softseating, Cloud Softlight Collection, Molo now introduced their latest creation – Cantilever Paper Table, which is the newest addition to molo’s soft collection. Designed by Forsythe + MacAllen, an individual table flat packs and unfolds into a round sitting or standing height table. Multiple tables can modularly attach together to offer greater flexibility, forming larger tables in a broad variety of shapes.


The honeycomb paper bases of cantilever paper table connect by a pattern of hidden magnets embedded within the end panels of the table. Simple to attach and detach, not requiring any tools or hardware, the quick reconfiguration of the table immediately distinguishes it from static, heavy tables. The flexible form has potential in many settings, from contemporary open concept office spaces to traveling outdoor markets.
Although the table base is formed with an economy of lightweight paper, it is incredibly strong, easily supporting the rigid tabletop and other items sitting on top of it. Along the sides of the paper base, where the cellular honeycomb structure of the table is revealed beneath the curving cantilever section, transitions from concave to convex create rhythms of light and shadow.


modular_cantilever_table_02 copy 2Modular wedge tops, made from formaldehyde-free MDF with clear, low-sheen acrylic polyurethane finish, accompanies the paper bases. The minimal wedge top also attaches by means of integrated magnets. With small variances and subtle moves, a set of 6 wedges creates circular tabletops, curving wave-like forms, and beautiful asymmetrical geometries.


The new cantilever paper table is available for purchase as individual tables that can be paired with a 47” (1200mm)Ø circular top, or as a set of two tables with a set of 6 modular wedge tops. Both are available in sitting and standing height versions

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