Molo presents Benchwall Paper Partition

Published on : Thursday, December 11, 2014


The Benchwall is Molo’s most recently released product. The design joins together concepts of a paper partition with seating – the exaggerated back of the bench functions as a backrest and as an acoustic partition. Benchwall presents a unique combination of durability, flexibility, and comfort.


Benchwall begins with a flexible and expandable 18” tall seat which transitions up into a 6’ tall back, all made from continuous sheets of paper honeycombed together. From a compressed 305mm (1’) thickness, the flexible honeycomb geometry expands to form a paper bench/partition up to 3m (10’) in length.


Benchwall paper partitions are basically multiple benchwalls are connected together by modular magnetic end panels to create a flowing seating installation.


Springy paper pleats, which extend naturally from the interior honeycomb structure, run vertically along the backrest of Benchwall and gently contour to the shape and size of those sitting along it. The geometry of the pleats, combined with the height of the paper partition backrest, also gives Benchwall its excellent acoustic properties.


The paper partition backrest of Benchwall can be further customized to suit the needs of particular installations. The 1.8m (6’) tall backrest can be cut to custom heights, allowing different degrees of visibility and acoustic absorption between the front and the back of the paper bench.


At each end of Benchwall’s paper partition backrest, modular magnetic end panels give the option of connecting to other Benchwalls or Molo’s thinwall paper partitions. Thinwall has a 90mm (3.5”) wide profile that can beautifully transition and continue the acoustic paper partition of benchwall. Like other products in Molo’s soft collection, this modular design gives Benchwall and Thinwall exceptional flexibility and adaptability.


Benchwall  and Thinwall modular system joins Molo’s other softwall  and softblock paper partitions, flexible paper seating, and lighting as part of the soft collection. Designed by Molo founders/directors Stephanie Forsythe and Todd MacAllen from 2003, the soft collection is built from concepts of flexible space creation and the utilization of recycled/recyclable materials. Benchwall  and Thinwall are available in natural brown paper and bamboo charcoal ink black colour options.


Benchwall is a cozy yet comfortable that gives sophistication. An ultra modern series of sitting collection. A varied surface and flexible honeycomb structure of Benchwall gives it excellent acoustics. Moreover,  the paper honeycomb structure of Benchwall can be easily reconfigured into new forms easily and the seating paper partition combo expands to ten times its compressed length.


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