Atelier Deshaus studio designs wooden Sylph chair with steel back

Published on : Friday, August 5, 2016

Sylph chairThe minimalist looking Sylph chair designed by Chinese studio Atelier Deshaus aims to blend two different materials: wood and steel.

The chair has wooden front legs and a matching seat that slopes gently upwards at the back. The back is made from a continuous piece of tubular steel, curved by hand to look like a line drawing. The white powder-coated steel is sculpted into various shapes on the Sylph designs, and extends all the way to the floor to form the chairs’ rear legs.

The slenderness of the tubular steel contributes to the beauty and flow of the chair, while at the same time it resides within itself the possibilities to sustain the back of those who sit in different ways with various curved patterns.

The round and slightly up-bent seat panel benefits the grip; and together with the rare legs, result in comfort and stability of the chair. The top of the front legs are intentionally expanded a little to better sustain the base panel, while they slim as they go downwards, creating a section that deforms from round to heart shape.


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