American Leather and American Forests to Replant Trees for Every Order Received

Published on : Wednesday, June 18, 2014

american-leather-Edison-Bench-EndDallas-based leather and fabric furniture manufacturer, American Leather and national conservation non-profit American Forests have partnered on a special project. Starting this spring, American Leather has agreed to replant two trees through American Forests for every order placed from the manufacturer’s 13 new collections.


“For every order received from the new walnut collections, we will plant one tree on behalf of the retailer and the other on behalf of American Leather,” says Bruce Birnbach, president of American Leather. “By partnering with American Forests, we’re able to strengthen our commitment to sustainable home furnishings, and help do our part to preserve the national forests for many years to come.”


The partnership will benefit both American Forests and American Leather. With new walnut collections, American Leather hopes to enlighten consumers on the longevity and beauty of walnut for contemporary furniture. By replanting trees after every sale, the collaboration will replenish forests and urban areas that have been depleted by natural disasters, providing habitats again for animals and birds whose shelters were destroyed by wildfire, human activity or climate change.


“With walnut known for its rich tones and textures, we saw this species as the ideal companion for our new High Point collections,” explains Jessica Green, director of marketing at American Leather. “The blending of our upholstered seating with striking, natural walnut wood and metal accents has resulted in a stand-out collection by some of the finest designers in our industry.” The company’s new designs, and its American Forests partnership, should be a real win for consumers and the environment alike.



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