Alessi collaborates with Sakura Adachi

Published on : Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Alessi - lovely breeze“Lovely Breeze” is the first project designed by Sakura Adachi for Alessi. A designer of Japanese origin, Adachi combines a conceptual approach with craftsmanship in her works. Her designs reveal a story, an idea that makes it possible best to exploit the characteristics of the materials used each time. A fan of the shape-function partnership, the designer conceives objects that offer space-saving solutions.

This concept lies at the heart of Lovely Breeze, a rocking bowl or centerpiece that is characterised by a unique kinetic movement, like a leaf rustling in the breeze. When the object is not in use, a semi-spherical weight fitted in the base keeps it upright. When some chocolates, candies, nuts or any other objects are placed on the bowl, it turns to horizontal position and functions as a container. When the contents are removed, the object automatically returns to its upright position in a soft movement, which is possible thanks to small metallic spheres contained in the base.

When it is not in use, Lovely Breeze is a poetic decorative object. Sakura Adachi describes, “Lovely Breeze is like a little dancer that can rock, swing and spin on the table. It also occupies a little space as it stands up by itself when it is not in use!”


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