Zava redefines outdoor illumination with rechargeable lamps

Published on : Friday, April 2, 2021

Designed for every day, crafted for making a mark. Zava rechargeable lamps are hand-held and feature no wires, turning out to be the most versatile furnishing solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. As high technology substitutes for candles, they embody the perfect companion for a romantic date night, warming up the atmosphere with a stray light. Zava collection of rechargeable lamps combines a cutting-edge technology with the finest taste: the secret receipe for light bodies suitable for any space and furniture style.


Made of metal and methacrylate materials, 024 rechargeable lamp is extremely versatile and handy. Equipped with base and wall support, it can be placed on the floor or over a fancy table, indoor or outdoor under the starts. The LED light source and the finish of this lamp, available in pure white or deep black, contribute to increase the charm of any minimal and contemporary space.


Made of metal materials, Medu rechargeable lamp surprises for its iconic shape clearly inspired by the marine world. Thanks to its stylish design and the wide range of available colours (sahara, sage green, artic green, ocean blu) this rechargeable lamp perfectly features any environment, to light up indoor and outdoor, home or public spaces. Designed as a hand-held table lamp, but also for wall application, by means of an optional bracket.


Combining iron and brass materials, Fenex rechargeable lamp is a table spotlight featuring a simple but truly evocative design. The elegant cone shape and slender stem recall an upside down wine glass, perfect to be used as unconventional centerpiece as well as a functional light source. The cromatic details of the central disk are fully customizable, adding a touch of creativity and making this lamp suitable for any furnishing style.

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