Woven Mirrors from Ida Elke

Published on : Monday, September 5, 2016

elkeland_woven_mirror4During the recently concluded Northmodern design fair, a biannual showcase of Nordic and international design in Copenhagen, Danish designer Ida Elke debuted her latest series of table top mirrors.

Named as the ‘Woven Mirror’ – it can be described as a tabletop mirror that can be placed in many different ways. This object calls for a silent attention and sense of balance, when you place it in the most interesting position, relating to surroundings, light and space.

The mirror composes of two parts of mirrored polished steel, assembled with woven links of brass sticks and beewax treated flax string. This technique creates a flexible connection that allows each mirror to be placed in many different positions. The result is a sensitive object that does more than just its immediate function. The back side of each mirror is made of hand brushed steel.


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