Wool Yorkshire Launches During Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week

Published on : Monday, October 7, 2013

AbbotsfordAn initiative is led by Jennifer Nickson, Design & Marketing Executive of Keighley contract furnishing and interiors manufacturer Abbotsford, part of SIL Holdings, a Bradford based family textile business that is now one of the largest specialty fibre manufacturers and merchants in the world.


Wool Yorkshire, which launches during Campaign for Wool’s Wool Week (October 14-20), will promote the fact that the mills of 21st century West Yorkshire are dynamic enterprises, buzzing with creativity and turning out premium quality fabrics for use by the world’s leading interiors, furnishings and fashion designers.


Along with SIL Luxury Fabrics colleague Sara Duxbury, Jennifer has been working with students from Leeds College of Art to bring the message to life.


A group of 20 furniture design, textile, fashion, millinery and creative students have helped to organise a week long exhibition in the Victoria Quarter, Leeds, illustrating Yorkshire’s role in the world of interiors and fashion. The exhibition is being supported by the Campaign for Wool and Harvey Nichols, which will dedicate a window display to Wool Yorkshire during the event.
The students have worked closely with Abbotsford and other manufacturers from its parent company SIL Holdings, including fine worsted producers William Halstead, Charles Clayton and John Foster in Bradford, Batley-based cashmere specialist Joshua Ellis, and Bradford-based fibre and yarn merchants Seal International and MBA Yarns.


Andrew Seal, group managing director at SIL, said cloth produced by the group’s Yorkshire businesses was exported to 23 different countries with the main markets being the Middle East, Far East, Italy and France.


Simon Thorpe, director of studies, professional and external development at Leeds City College, said the project had given the students involved an understanding of Yorkshire’s textile manufacturing heritage.



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