VITA Copenhagen presents new lighting designs

Published on : Friday, October 6, 2017



Born at the crossroads of design, technology, and craftsmanship, VITA Asteria echoes a design from the future and for the future. This lampshade incorporates built-in LED technology in a sleek, minimalist shape. It embodies the perfect blend of straight masculine lines and a graceful feminine silhouette, of a hi-tech look with a cosy vibe.

Casting a bright, lively light, VITA Asteria comes in a seductive and trendy six-colour palette to match and complement any interior design, from a contemporary or high design décor to a futuristic or even retro one. One can choose between pearl white, petrol blue, forest green, ruby red, saffron yellow, or anthracite grey. Its slim shape will ensure that nothing is obscuring the view of guests, and its diffused light will ensure a blind-free glow.

Soren Ravn Christensen, founder and Chief Creative Developer, explains: “The illusion of earthly weightlessness had to be challenged by a light design that defies gravity. Today’s LED technology makes for thinner and smaller lighting fixtures, but they still have to resemble a lampshade. The VITA Asteria is just so—slim and simple, a stroke of light hovering above, a touch of the future and yes, breath-taking, like stars in space!”


From the depths of the oceans, to the bustling city, passing through the enchanting forests, all in one eclectic product—this is the quintessence of VITA Aluvia.

Its characteristic geometrical blades are made from aluminum, giving the VITA Aluvia a distinctive edge, while making it lightweight and durable at the same time. One can choose between subtle pearl or vibrant anthracite. The two sizes available are mini and medium. VITA Aluvia is meant to amplify the beauty of one’s interior design, making the home cosy, classic, and refined, while also bringing a touch of nature.

Soren Ravn Christensen says, “Imagine if flowers could light up. They would create the most playful dancing shadows, spinning around and making everything come to life! VITA Aluvia embodies just that – nature’s magic in your home.”


The new VITA Eos Up is half the size of the iconic VITA Eos lampshade and the better-half of any wall or ceiling. It is the perfect companion for small spaces in need of big designs.

Made from all-natural goose feathers, this lampshade gives a soft, warm light that adds a sophisticated and elegant touch to any interior décor. Its ingenious construction makes it easy to be mounted directly on the ceiling or on a wall.

Soren Ravn Christensen concludes, “Lacking space? Whether it’s in width or height, you need light to make your small areas come to life. It should be soft yet full of light creating small glowing dots on walls and in ceilings making the Eos Up the answer to big designs in small places.”


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