VITA copenhagen introduces new designs: Alva, Shade, Idea

Published on : Friday, January 13, 2017

At VITA copenhagen, the company believes ‘Light is essential to life’. That is why their newest designs are a tribute to light and a celebration of its beauty. VITA Alva, VITA Shade and the new VITA Idea will be presented at next week’s imm cologne fair.


VITA AlvaResembling the beautiful shape of the Edison light bulb, the VITA Alva is a lampshade with a twist. The spiral shape of this alluring yet simple design seduces with its sinuous, curvy lines. Offering a lively gradient-effect glow, the VITA Alva fits into a wide range of interior decors, from an eclectic living room or kitchen, to a modern bedroom or bathroom. Best in pairs, these lampshades come in two different sizes and can be arranged in a straight line or in a cluster.



VITA Shade

Sometimes, to get the perfect light, you need the perfect shade. The VITA Shade is meant to do just that! This design piece combines aesthetics with functionality and ensures a simple, useful accessory for the light bulb. Used on a pendant bulb or tripod, the VITA Shade helps to adjust the direction and amount of light, while shielding any unwanted glare. All one has to do is fine-tune the position of the VITA Shade on the light- bulb.

The best companion for VITA Shade is the newly introduced VITA Idea 3W 125 mm.

VITA IdeaWith a focus on both the environment and the quality of light, the Idea 3W 125 mm is a smart LED A+ light bulb that pays tribute to the beautiful and simple design of the original Thomas Edison light bulb. 2017 marks the 170 years’ anniversary of Edison’s birth. Offering a warm, soft light that powers on immediately when it is turned on, this decorative bulb has a high colour rendering index to mimic the vivid light found in nature.



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