Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo jointly executes limited edition design piece

Published on : Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Once upon a Time is the new design concept, a Limited Edition of 8 pieces, born from a partnership between Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo, two of the most prestigious and outstanding Portuguese luxury brands. Boca do Lobo is a Portuguese design brand that has conquered global recognition through passionate and inspiring pieces.


Vista Alegre is a worldwide recognized brand for its wonderful pieces of porcelain. More than just a simple factory, Vista Alegre is nowadays an architectonic masterpiece, where social and artistic memoires reflect a national identity. The two brands have become notorious on a global scale, and for that reason Vista Alegre and Boca do Lobo continue betting on expansion strategies, both for markets and public. This time, they got together to celebrate an ambitious, unique and exclusive partnership.


Pixel Cabinet, Once Upon A Time, a piece that pays an homage to the union between design and craftsmanship – named by ADChoice as one of the 500 best pieces of furniture in the world – emerges unrecognizable, fully coated with porcelain and transformed into a bar. Once Upon A Time is the result of a journey into the past, the encounter and the creative exchange between the two brands where design, knowledge and the minutiae of the craftsmen play the leading role.


The 1088 triangles that complete this Limited Edition piece, with only 8 copies, contemplate the dedication and art of those who work this meticulous technique. An authentic work of art in which all triangles are individually painted, and tell a story that blossoms harmoniously in every detail. This limited edition of the Pixel has a romantic and lyrical charisma, with an unmistakable and striking identity, an explosion of polychrome, which dilutes in the depth of a cobalt blue of Vista Alegre’s unmistakable “blue of great fire”.


Packed with colorful floral details depicting a garden of peonies and two Chinese mythological birds, male and female – known as the Chinese Phoenix – in shades of blue, pink, yellow and green. In its interior the details of the elegant finishes in blue suede and mirrored glasses are distinguished. This new design features a slight change in the base, with a new material incorporated, brushed steel. The brush painting technique in the emblematic porcelain brand, Vista Alegre, is reserved for pieces of high artistic value, and Pixel is no exception. Master painters of the brand perpetuated their art in the detailed triangles, creating this inspiring piece of art.


From Portugal to the world, these two brands celebrate the Portuguese design at the highest level!


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