Urban oasis an intimate outdoor patio

Published on : Friday, May 21, 2021

Where to escape for a moment…. Don’t look any further. Urban Oasis design collection invites all to break down the ordinary perception of interiors and exterior spaces in the mind. Hommés studio presents the new spring / summer furniture collection. A pursuit of balancing indoor and outdoor living, enhanced by functionality and aesthetic.

Spring-summer design outdoors

Hommés Studio presents the new spring/summer furniture collection, a perfect way to relax and refresh outdoor by the poolside or by the fireplace. Each design piece is unique and showcases endless creativity.

Make some room on your balcony or outdoor patio, and create your own urban oasis. A small and intimate outdoor space just for you. To read, to meditate, or even to answer postponed emails. You deserve it. An urban oasis in an urban jungle doesn’t need much. An outdoor chaise lounge is enough. A side table and an umbrella will make it incredibly comfortable. Are you feeling the rush? You really need that urban oasis very much.

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