Trend Report from Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016

Published on : Friday, May 6, 2016

salone 2016The current living and interior trend of “Cosy Home” tells us just how central the issue of the home is to the lives and imaginations of those who live in them. Home means the spiritual place that reflects the way we are, a vibrant and pulsating universe in which planning and design serve to ensure ease and well-being and, therefore, constitute a means and not an ultimate end.

Thus Cosy is the lifestyle that promotes the element of authenticity, in which we surround ourselves with objects-affects. All those elements, that along with gestures and rituals, enable any house to become “our” house and only partly chime with the dictates of “fashion”.

The living area, connected seamlessly and transparently with the outside world by full-height French windows, corresponds to more private areas offering comfort and seclusion: the reading room, entirely clad in soothing wood, and an office pod on the top floor for a temporary respite from “chaos”.

More specifically, the Cosy Home macro-trend can be split into two micro-trends: Homedulgence and Digital Detox.



Today’s home is a comfortable and welcoming ecosystem infinitely preferable to the outside world. No matter how sophisticated the range of public places on offer – cinemas, bars, restaurants etc. – nothing can compete with the comfort of one’s own sofa.

In contemporary society, spending time in and actually living in our houses is not an isolationist urge but a choice dictated by a conscious search for quality of and sensory gratification sensory gratification.

The cosiness factor is decoupled from the superficial extension of spaces. A feeling of comfort can emanate from a spacious home just as it can from a small or minute house, precisely because of its emotional and intangible element.



The home forms an integral part of the digital ecosystem in which people’s lives today are immersed and, as such, is also the place in which they seek opportunities to temporarily disconnect in order to reconnect with themselves, their emotions and their own inner lives.

This practice of wellbeing and awareness awareness awareness is becoming an increasingly popular habit and, in its capacity as a safe refuge, the domestic space is the ideal setting for what might be defined quiet zones.

The home, therefore, is also the place in which we try to achieve the right online/offline balance, that fine line between physical life and digital life that, once achieved, enables us to focus with greater clarity and awareness on our own experiences and on the quality of our relations.

The creation of dedicated Digital Detox home areas marks a new design departure, with designers seeking to introduce discreet “interventions” into the furnishings in order to integrate this practice into the user experience of domestic life and space.


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