Timeless Fall Trends for 2018 from LUXXU

Published on : Monday, July 23, 2018

newFall reminds us of leafs falling, nights by the fireplace, cozy sweaters and most of all cozy interiors. Trends in the interior design world, like in fashion, go through renovation at this time of the year, however there are those classics that will never go out of style and are considered timeless.


LUXXU Home presents 4 suggestions of these classic trends that will make any interior design project stand out due to its timeless aesthetic. From soft colour fabrics, to luxury marbles and bold finishes, the luxury brand brings a cozy and luxurious atmosphere to the interior design world.


Luxury in Golden
Soft colors and gold fit perfectly together for Fall. The vibrant colors of summer give place to creams, taupes, and browns bringing softness into a luxury world already plated in gold.


4Timeless Black
When speaking of timeless, the most classic and effortless chic color of the spectrum could not be left out. Black furniture items or interiors are both bold and classic and still have a cozy vibe that has to be present during the crispiest months of the year.

Dark Marbles

While lighter marbles are the perfect choice for Summer, darker marbles as the black & white Nero Maquina or the brown with golden touches Emperor are great choices for the Fall time. The Apotheosis side table is a hymn to sophistication, portraying the use of dark marbles like no other item.

Cozy in Velvet

Velvet brings the most timeless and cozy vibe into any interior setting. Stools, such as the Noir and armchairs as the Saboteur will bring a touch of comfort that only velvet has. Customizable in 26 different velvets, these upholstery items are the perfect item for Fall.


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