Studio A3 Design executes circu in a luxurious Moscow apartment

Published on : Monday, March 11, 2019

“A Luxury Child Bedroom in an Apartment at the Heart of Moscow – Moscow is quickly becoming the place to be in Europe. The old prejudice of an old undeveloped, communist, cold war-like Russia is quickly being replaced by the Moscow way of living. Millions of people from all over the world visit Moscow, and many of them end up living there. With this, comes the constant developing of design in the Russian city, as the demand increases. There are several luxury apartments in Moscow, and today we’re showing you one that is very special. The project, by the Studio A3 Design, has an incredible bedroom for a special 4-year-old boy who’s fascinated by the sky.” – circu.


The clients, a young couple who are passionate about travelling, wanted a monochromatic overall look of the apartment. They wanted to pass on the wandering spirit to their boy, who’s extremely curious about the sky. A storytale was created, where the Fantasy Air Balloon takes the main role.


The ceiling, carefully and thoughtfully painted to resemble the sky, is complemented by some cloud lamps. The overall look becomes straight out of the child’s wildest dream.


The Fantasy Air Balloon is a themed bed that invokes the romantic and whimsical ambiance of a hot air balloon ride! Kids will relate this bed to the Disney movie “Up”, while parents will feel like being transported to the adventurous tale of Phileas Fogg. This kids bed helps to create a playful environment that triggers children’s curiosity and creativity.


The cloud lamp has a RGB light and speakers. The sound system can be controlled by a mobile app that connects with the cloud lamp by bluetooth. One can choose the music he wants to play in his smartphone. The app has also a sleep assistant. The light system can be controlled by a mobile app or with a remote control. One can choose the color, the intensity of the light and lighting effects.


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