Serena Confalonieri mesmerises with dreamy lights

Published on : Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Serena Confalonieri created Layla which is a new table lamp designed for MM Lampadari, a lighting brand from the Veneto region. Its shape inspired from the old oil lamps and nightstand lights. This kind of light gives warm and reassuring objects that make the room an intimate place to live. The partners have collaborated along with the idea that the idea will bring a domestic feeling. The name Layla comes from the Arabic word ليلى (laylah) which means “night”. The word also has an indication of night lamp which would keep company until sleep.


The glass table lamps are hand drawn and characterises with a cosy and curvy shape. Serena Confalonieri chooses to play with the upper part, transparency and monochromatic colours. However, for the lower part colours have brought in while making it opaque and striped. The lamp is an entirely lighting body although the upper part is more luminous. It appears to be extremely glorious, filtered only by the colour of the transparent glass. The lower part of the body is an opaque body but balances the luminosity of the upper part. As a result a kaleidoscopic mix of colours, shape and a dialogue between all of them is established.


Recently a photo shoot under Serena Confalonieri’s art direction recreates the world between realist and surreal world. The photo shoot captures the essence of the eccentricity of the light shapes which regards the maximum utilisation of the shape and beautiful colours in the correct shape.


MM Lampadari is company that makes glass material for decades and has a very strong reputation regarding the management of the trends. The brand has a reputation to create aesthetically appealing products that also ensure maximum amount of efficiency.


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