Seletti to showcase at MAISON&OBJET PARIS

Published on : Friday, August 4, 2017

Seletti comfy sofaSeletti is ready to astonish Paris at the September edition of Maison&Objet, the exhibition devoted to interior design. On this occasion, the Italian design brand will present new collaborations and original novel products from its most successful collections.

This year, Seletti has made its debut in the world of upholstered furniture with significantly novel sofas and armchairs, attesting to the steady growth for the brand, which aims to become an increasingly significant reference point in interior decorating. Paris is thus an opportunity to present the irreverent chairs in the Seletti wears TOILETPAPER catalog – the soft Comfy line designed by Marcantonio with a sofa and armchair; the surreal Hot Dog Sofa and Burger Chair from Studio Job’s UN_LIMITED EDITIONS collection.

Among the novelties are two new lines of mirrors: Tribal Mirror designed by Marcantonio, and Morning Glory by the creative duo, Zaven. BLOW, by Studio Job, remained among the top 2017 – 2018 projects.

The Lighting catalog continues to be one of Seletti’s most important achievements. The catalog is brimming with original, ironic, and fun design projects that successfully capture a specific target audience, remaining faithful to the accessible design concept that has always distinguished the brand. Maison&Objet presents the Banana Lamp and Tiffany Tree Lamp, from Studio Job’s UN_LIMITED EDITIONS line, Elephant Lamp and Moon Bulb by Marcantonio, and Verso di Gio Tirotto and Caractère, the new Seletti radiantly lit alphabet.

In addition as preview of the 2018 collection, a new version of Mouse Lamp by Marcantonio (in gray finishing), will be distributed through a network of selected and preferred dealers. New pieces also abound in the Furniture catalog. The Luminaire line by Marcantonio offers a bed headboard, and three mirrors with light bulbs, which are offered with two sets of LED bulbs, white or the newly introduced colored light bulbs.

COMFY, sofa and armchair – Design: Marcantonio

Comfy is an upholstery collection created in collaboration with Marcantonio. It is an ode to comfort, with a soft nest of cushions nestled in both the sofa and armchair versions. The brass metal feet add value to the products, and are available in three colorways, in a turquoise, white, and anthracite color range. The cushions that make up Comfy are made of different fabrics, whose motifs give rise to an interesting surface color contrast.

Seletti wears TOILETPAPER – the armchairs

The line, made in collaboration with TOILETPAPER, is a project created by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. It is an emblem of how design and art can merge, giving rise to original, over-the-top images. A new item has been added to the already rich catalog, the first upholstered piece; the new armchairs that evoke the traditional chairs of the 50’s with sinuous shapes and brass feet, which are then shaken up by fabrics showcasing surreal images, such as a cat nestled between pills (Cat), drained spaghetti with tomato sauce (Spaghetti), studded flowers (Flowers with Holes), male hands holding lipsticks (Lipsticks), and slithering snakes (Snakes).

UN_LIMITED EDITIONS – Design: Studio Job


seletti hotdog armchairUN_LIMITED EDITIONS combines the exclusivity of Studio Job’s artistic imagination with Seletti’s accessibility. They are part of the Hot Dog Sofa and the Burger Chair collection, jointly with the reinterpretation of two lamps, the Tiffany Tree Lamp and Banana Lamp, which in their limited edition versions have become one of the symbols of Job Smeets’ and Nynke Tynagel’s creativity.

The Hot Dog and Hamburger, iconic images of American pop-culture, are transformed into actual furnishings, giving rise to the “Fast Food Furniture” collection. The well-known Banana Lamp and Tiffany Tree Lamp are transformed into equally outstanding design elements that, at the same time, are equally accessible to a broader public.

TRIBAL MIRROR – Design: Marcantonio

Tribal Mirror is a series of mirrors designed by Marcantonio that evoke imagery linked to a more primitive and uninhabited world, with its reflective surfaces with decorative motifs that remind us of our most instinctive and natural side.

MORNING GLORY – Design: Zaven

Each year, the Zaven creative duo sends its friends a signed silk-screen, as a limited edition, containing a positive message, a different mantra each year, to be repeated every day. Stefano Seletti, one among the recipients of these messages, has particularly appreciated the motivational spirit, thus Morning Glory was created, a collection of mirrors to draw energy from every morning.


BLOW is a true design brand which was established from the desire to offer design lovers fantasy objects created by the unmistakable creativity of Studio Job, providing the opportunity to furnish their homes with unique yet accessible objects.

A radical pop design mood characterizes the pieces in this new collection, as proven by the Sausage Department rugs, ironically evoking the American Presidential emblem, and Egg and Dartboard, which hint at the non-conventional shapes of an egg and a target.

Among other items in the collection: a set of porcelain dishes whose graphics draw in iconographies belonging to the Smeets & Tynagel library. There is also a fresher and more playful side with Egg and Hot Dog, the Peace, Mouth and Flash mirrors, the Mouth neon wall lamp, which features an open mouth, and the foldable chairs created in the Flash, Hot Dog, Egg, Mouth, Peace, and Weed graphics.



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