Seletti at Milan Design Week 2022

Published on : Monday, April 18, 2022

Seletti presents a series of new projects at the upcoming Milan Design Week 2022. On the occasion of Milan Design Week 2022 from June 7 to 12, the Italian figurative design brand presents a series of new projects in the field of lighting: a multifaceted story that represents the company’s unconventional approach to collaborations and to the product and its ability to intercept the most original and Avant-garde forms of creativity.


The novelties, linked together by the desire to reconcile the functionality of the design and the visual power of art, are the result of partenrships consolidated over time, such as the one with Marcantonio and with Job Smeets, but also of new contamination with established talents such Fabio Novembre – who for the first time imagines a product for Seletti – and emerging ones such as the provocative Uto Balmoral.

“Lighting has always represented for Seletti a world in which to experiment without limits”, says Stefano Seletti, artistic director of the company. “We have oriented ourselves towards highly expressive objects that aim at imagination, amazement, irony, often crossing the traditional boundaries between design and art. Over time we have managed to build our own precise identity and to intercept a defined target audience while remaining faithful to that idea of democratic design that has always distinguished us “.


The multifaceted lighting catalogue is thus enriched with new original and eclectic projects capable of bringing surprise into everyday spaces: Fabio Novembre with Colonna reinterprets classic forms in a pop key, giving rise to an object in which lighting and furniture merge; Sparrow Lamp was born from Marcantonio’s fantastic imagination; Job Smeets for BLOW by Job & Seletti signs the visionary and mysterious Roswell; finally, Uto Balmoral with Gummy reinterprets the world of fairy tales in a contemporary way, giving a new personality to the iconic dwarfs.

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