Seletti and Studio Job collaboration unveils magical collection

Published on : Monday, May 31, 2021

The collaboration between Seletti and Studio Job is enriched with new items, provocative in spirit but also magical and fantastic that creates an eclectic ensemble of unique style and creativity. BLOW’s original and expressive character now turns to the iconography of Nordic fairy tales, hinting at the style made popular by the Dutch painter and graphic artist Anton Franciscus Pieck, known for the magical and nostalgic flavor of his works. Objects that appear to come from a fantastic world, which take us into the atmosphere the stories told by the Grimm Brothers, without neglecting that humor so recognizable in Studio Job’s work.

BLOW, created to be an actual brand, is confirmed as one of the most interesting experiments in the design world, able to popularize the most contemporary creative experimentation. Thanks to Seletti, objects designed for the world of art and design collections transcend their original identity to reach a wider audience of enthusiasts, while maintaining their unique and exclusive expressive force.

Grimm – design: BLOW

Grimm is a portable lamp that makes any place or moment magical with a simple click: an out-of-scale reproduction of the classic candle-stick, the romantic icon of fairy tales and a recurring element in the iconography of Studio Job.

Milk – design: BLOW

Milk is a seat that looks as though it comes from the classic fairy tale woodland house. It is in fact in the shape of a traditional wooden stool – the resin surface reproduces the texture of wood with knots and veins just like the illustrations – and part of an imaginary community of both grownups and children.

Colossux – design: BLOW

Colossus is a glass-resin side table in the shape of a powerful foot that seems to belong to a mysterious statue, perhaps the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

Holy Smokes – design: BLOW

Holy Smokes is the only ashtray for non-smokers, an object with a cheeky identity, a ceramic container whose shape reproduces a circular set of teeth with a provocative gold-plated tooth.

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