SALDA Arredamenti – combines creativity and craftsmanship for timeless appeal

Published on : Monday, February 15, 2021

SALDA Arredamenti, unveils their latest selection combining unique furniture, in timeless appeal. The SALDA collection is still entirely handmade to this day, ensuring a high degree of customisation to anticipate and satisfy varied tastes and the needs of a cosmopolitan clientele, with a passion for beautiful creations. Technical mastery, refined personality, stylistic research, precious materials, from the finest woods to refined fabrics, exclusive craftsmanship and details creating a timeless collection, in fine balance between the memory of the past and a strong connection to the present day.

A skilful combination of techniques, eras and differing styles define the unique creations which are capable of fitting into diverse environments, far from each other in terms of aesthetics, influences and stylistic features, affirming the lasting relevance of the classic style.

The customisations embrace exclusive finishes developed to meet the specific needs of architects, interior designers and direct customers down to the finest stylistic details such as monograms, an elegant detail of noble tradition, hand inlaid on individual pieces or painted inside the furnishing. The authenticity and originality of each piece is guaranteed by distinct details: the SALDA brand together with the unique code stamped on the piece of furniture and reported in the quality certificate guaranteeing the checks carried out and the exclusivity of each individual creation.

Another distinctive trait is represented by the historical archive containing the original drawings that the Besana family preserves with great care. A precious gift, a source of inspiration for the new generations who continue the family tradition and for customers who want unique pieces outside the collection. A collection of inestimable value ideal for different styles and tastes to draw inspiration from both for the reproduction of antique furniture as for the creation of exclusive bespoke pieces. A unique heritage in the furnishing and decoration world which has helped to define Salda’s eclectic identity for more than three centuries.

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