Rug’Society reveals classic neutral collection

Published on : Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Rug’Society brings an ensemble of neutral hues in special fabrics to help redesign rooms. This new Neutral Collection of Rug’Society is all about neutral colours, simple lines, clean shapes, and creations that carry lightness and integrity. This collection of neutral rugs is perfect for any season and has the capacity to transports a space to a classy and peaceful home.

Dig into a classic and peaceful experience with the Neutral Collection of Rug’Society. Redefine the reading corner with neutral tones and golden design that reminds of the autumn season with this cosier feeling. The Neptuno rug in the wall leads us to appreciate the beauty of this neutral rug inspired by the God of the Sea. With a focus on a mixture of patterns, designs, and materials, the Neptuno Rug is a perfect showcase of what it means to be out of the box.

The collection includes the Dressing room rugs that are perfect while getting ready either in the morning, for a big and special event, or just a place to sit and relax after a self-caring bath. The Imperial Snake inspired by the snake is perfect to complete the look of this neutral closet. Gold is the perfect ally for home decoration. This royal colour is a nuance that is easily combined with any colour, further illuminating spaces and creating light points in rooms. Our Cell Rug with a neutral colour and gold details is the perfect tool to insert a touch of luxury into this hallway.

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