RUG’SOCIETY brings the new urban collection

Published on : Thursday, May 28, 2020

Love for the bright, daring, colourful street art will now decorate the walls of your home with RUG’SOCIETY’s new range, just like many urban streets painted in graphic art and bright visuals. The new Urban Collection from RUG’SOCIETY is certainly the perfect choice while selecting a modern cosmopolitan design into home decor. Designs are in graffiti art or pen and ink, bring a perfect touch of cosmopolitan environment amidst contemporary set up. The Graffitified or Black ink Rug are a new innovation to enhance the look of the room.

Graffitified is a premium rug inspired on the act of graffiting. If you want a rug that reminds you of the best of the urban art and to offer you the energy of city life, GRAFFITIFIED II rug will definitely conquer your heart.

Black Ink Rug, this handmade rug is the perfect option to create a mysterious and discreet look but never failing to create a statement wherever placed.

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