Ritmonio upgrades essential modern living with advanced hygiene solutions

Published on : Friday, June 25, 2021

Ritmonio solutions now meet the requirements of hygiene, safety and environmental awareness, essential needs of modern living. The bathroom, one of the most functional and important environments both at home and in hospitality contexts, is the place where you take particular care of yourself, the most intimate room, dedicated to well-being. Therefore, the choice of materials and finishes is very important to guarantee not only aesthetic, but above all, safety and high hygiene standards: characteristics that will determine the interior scenarios of the near future, which have become the object of a significant increase in consumer attention.

The spirit of innovation that distinguishes Ritmonio has led the company to propose solutions in stainless steel already in the early 2000s. A pioneering choice that has given shape to products with a timeless design, safe, non-toxic and completely recyclable thanks to the very high performance and exclusive features of this material:

Very low bacterial retentivity. The compact and non-porous surface prevents the stagnation of bacteria;

High resistance to corrosion. The presence of protective oxides on the surface, able to regenerate itself, makes the products highly resistant to scratches, wear and corrosion and able to last over time;

Recyclability. In addition to being extremely durable, stainless steel is 100% recyclable. An ecological choice that combines with Ritmonio’s attention to production processes, which has made it possible to achieve and maintain quality certification in accordance with ISO 9001 for design and production since 1995. Through a constant process of company improvement and restructuring, Ritmonio has also obtained the certifications for the environment (ISO 14001) and safety (ISO 45001).

Stainless Steel is therefore a guarantee of quality, which Ritmonio has been able to transform into collections such as DOT316, capable of perfectly combining functionality with a great design. The product takes its name from the noble steel ASI316 L, where the L indicates the percentage of carbon present, lower than that standard 316. An important factor when it comes to taps, because it gives a higher coefficient of resistance to corrosion by external agents.

Synonymous of simplicity and elegance, DOT316 represents a “firm point” that intersects the clear and orthogonal lines of the body of the mixer. Pure, rigorous and rational lines, opposed to round and soft volumes, creating a play with shapes that perfectly demonstrate Ritmonio’s desire to create a simply sophisticated product.

The DOT316 collection has recently got wider with the introduction of the Round version, born from the perfect and harmonious geometries of the circle, an archetypal shape, declined in the body and spout of the tap. A great alternative for those who love more delicate and sinuous shapes.

DOT316 e DOT316 Round are available on the following finishes: Brushed Stainless Steel, Champagne Stainless Steel and Black Stainless steel, processes that makes the company stand out on the market and make it able to meet the most diverse aesthetic needs.

An integration between form and functionality that responds to new interior design trends and at the same time guarantees safety and sustainability, essential needs of modern living.

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