Ritmonio unveils new project

Published on : Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Industrial design with a dynamic and stimulating layout with Ritmonio in the new Holyart spaces. The MPA studio designed and coordinated the construction of a new office building, anti-seismic and with high energy performance, located inside the warehouse of the company’s headquarters. The new spaces are reserved for the activities of the photographic studio and video editing.


The concept was developed to facilitate the control of all production processes and to guarantee to the employees a flexible and practical workspace that is, at the same time, welcoming and stimulating. The approach to the project was to generate a dynamic layout where the communication and the transition between the different departments take place in a fluid and seamless manner to the work phases, thanks to a linear distribution of the rooms and the elimination of corridors. The only filter area is located near the toilets, equipped with two large full-height sliding doors, which allow to join or separate the photographic studio with the office of the products.

This type of layout, in addition to facilitating and promoting work interaction between employees, is practical and efficient in the daily use of these spaces, with the continuous passage of trolleys, pallet trucks and other bulky equipment.

In line with the latest “smart” organizational trends of modern offices, two environments have been created with an informal and distinctly “green” character. In these “green oases”, which also act as relaxation areas, business meetings or brainstorming can be organized without interfering with other workstations.

Particular attention was also paid to the false ceiling and the lighting of the rooms, which must not interfere with the photographic activities carried out. All the technological systems were painted black as well as the grating false ceiling. Powerful LED panels positioned above and adhering to the latter illuminate the space without generating annoying shadows.

The bathrooms, characterized by the presence on the back wall of a wallpaper with a natural theme and warm tones, combine design elements with an industrial and refined taste with highly material coatings in wood and concrete-effect ceramic.

A decisive industrial character, therefore, which fits the style of Ritmonio that has always been based on the combination of design / functionality. An interpretation, which shapes the design research of individual well-being and comfort.

Simple and personal aesthetics, innovative and resistant materials, cutting-edge Made in Italy technologies and simple use are the characteristics of the Diametro35 series, the ideal choice for new workspaces.

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