RITMONIO fuses eclecticism, dynamism and freedom in new ELEMENTA

Published on : Monday, August 2, 2021

ELEMENTA, the new series of accessories that allows to create unique and highly customised bathroom environments. In the contemporary bathroom furniture sector, Ritmonio stands out, a point of reference for planners, designers and end users.

In order to enhance the compositional freedom and meet the various needs of interior design, the Company presents ELEMENTA: a new collection of accessories designed to give everyone the opportunity to shape “made-to-measure” environments and to create new ways of embellishing living spaces.

Available in 19 finishes and in different materials, including stainless steel with its purity and the acrylic stone with its versatility, the accessories consist of modules of various sizes and lengths, which can be assembled together according to your tastes or basing on functional aesthetic needs.

Dynamic and trasformable, with their clean design, the individual elements can be combined with each other in a game of joints and shapes, to create unique compositions and countless types of accessories. As an example, the hangers for the bathrope, combined with the rods, become practical towel holders. These elements, combined with the shelves in acrylic stone – full or perforated, available in different sizes – allow you to create personalized accessories to create the bathroom “made to measure” that satisfy your needs.

In this way you can create original and personalized combinations: from the classic shelf for objects to specific elements such as soap dispencer and toothbrush holders, for a bathroom that brings the whole concept of personalization.

So, it will be possible to create original and personalized combinations, creating coordinated environments that respect the architectural characteristics and the stylistic mood of the spaces: from the classic shelf for objects to specific elements such as soap and toothbrush holders, for a bathroom that takes you to the extreme the concept of personalization, always in tune with the tastes and needs of those who experience it.

A versatility that enhances the eclecticism and tailoring, trait d’union of the entire Company offer: combinable with all Ritmonio series of taps, both for finish and design, ELEMENTA gives life to countless possible scenarios and configurations.

Thanks to the innovative and functional elements and to the complete dimensional adaptability of ELEMENTA, the “Made in Ritmonio” total bathroom is based on a clean and original design, which defines spaces with personality and refinement, where experimentation becomes real.

A revolutionary concept that allows you to completely re-interpret the place of well-being par excellence: taps and accessories are no longer just details, but become the real protagonists of the projects, providing the user with a user experience where the emotional component is essential.

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