RITMONIO blends Japanese culture in a new way

Published on : Friday, October 22, 2021

RITMONIO brings together Japanese style and design to unite calm and absolute serenity at the new renovation project in Hong Kong. Diametro35 by Ritmonio, embraces essential design, cleanliness and harmony of the shapes for the Japanese-style renovation of an apartment in Hong Kong.



An apartment of 65 square meters, owned by a Chinese medicine practitioner passionate about Japanese culture and his elderly mother, has been completely renovated and made a sort of “refuge” of serenity and peace.


A great attention to detail, the search for materials coming directly from Japan – such as wood, which can be found in many elements of the house – and the inclusion of custom-made furniture elements, were the key factors which have allowed the creation of a unique, harmonious, lively environment.


It all begins in the front door, with the customized Tochi wooden doorbell. Moving to the entrance, there is a “shoji”, the traditional Japanese sliding door custom designed by Hintegro. The lower part is covered with solid wood from Kyoto, hand decorated with a structured hexagonal motif; the upper part, on the other hand, has been treated with a special paint. The space is then defined by a curved shoe rack, which acts as a connecting element and leads to the living area.


The living area has been specially designed to allow the owners a total experience of comfort living. The kitchen is separated, but still communicating with the living room thanks to a sliding door to ease the interaction with any guests or simply to watch television while cooking.


To complete the Japanese atmosphere, great attention has been paid to the bathroom, made accessible and safe even for the daily usability of the owners. A bathtub with spa accessories dominates the space, with the desire to recreate an “onsen”, the typical Japanese baths.


The choice of taps was essential to define a touch of design: Diametro35 Inox has made the wellness room a truly special place. Thanks to its essential design and clean shapes, the iconic collection of Ritmonio is a timeless classic, capable of interpreting the evolution of the way of living and conceiving living spaces.


The stainless steel, with its precious ecological and hygienic properties, emphasizes the attention to detail of the entire project and enhances the space giving it a contemporary allure.


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