Reverso by Ritmonio for Le Contrade

Published on : Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Reverso by Ritmonio for Le Contrade brings an ideal ensemble of harmony between environments and continuous dialogue with the material. Perched on the Adriatic coast, in the heart of Puglia, Monopoli (BA) is a unique city (from the Greek monos and polis). Unique for the beauty of its medieval village, for the old port that houses the typical blue and red goiters, for the Aragonese castle and the surrounding walls that persistently continue to shelter it from everything that could come from the sea.

Le Contrade – Dimore Pugliesi was born from this peculiarity: a project that speaks of Puglia, of traditions enriched by new contaminations and design, that melt with the scent of the sea.

A complete renovation project carried over by the interior designer Angelica Picoco. A work to recover the ancient urban center, which in this way comes back to life in another form, with a widespread accommodation facility, up with the times.

The client’s willingness to welcome while respecting the tradition of Monopoli is perceived in every detail, starting with the logo itself – full of references to graphic signs, which tell the cultures that have helped to shape the unique identity of the place.

Le Contrade reinterprets in a modern key the characteristic structure of the houses of the Monopoli ancient village, tipically structured on three floors. Five rooms, which take the names of some of the most important districts: L’Assunta, La Mandria, Lo Sciale, Santo Stefano and Torre Cintola.

Inside a great harmony winds the rooms in a continuous dialogue between different elements: from the light stone floor, which finds its balance in the dark shades of the parquet, to the material warmth of the microcement walls.

The rooms, located in different but close buildings, allow to live fully the experience of a holiday in Monopoli, getting in touch with the habits of the residents and the traditions of our territory to be discovered.

The geometric profiles of the washbasins, the circumferences of the mirrors, the curves of the taps, the transparencies of the shower enclosures create a symphony of details that excites the eye.

The taps belong to Ritmonio’s Reverso series, which – by combining technical performance with timeless aesthetics – help to make the rooms even more comfortable for guests. A complete wellness experience, which passes through the bathroom, increasingly identified as the leisure space par excellence.

Ritmonio finds space in cutting-edge design, which intercepts and interprets the evolution of a fundamental sector such as that of hospitality, where the new protagonist will be a design focused on the individual and his well-being.

Technical Features:
The Reverso series is among the Ritmonio’s products with water saving features, characterized by the ECO water flow, less than 9 l/min, and it is designed to encourage to use the environmental resources responsibly.

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