PullCast jewellery hardware unveils hot summer edition

Published on : Tuesday, June 22, 2021

PullCast jewellery redefines beauty of earth in its hot summer collection created out of the natural inspiration. Jewellery hardware inspirations combines to create ways in which the beauty of Earth inspires PullCast and mingles  Nature and Earth! These are two of the most important and prominent inspirations for PullCast and that’s why this luxury brand has an entire collection devoted to Earth Elements and Inspirations!

“We are surrounded by Earth Inspirations and PullCast loves to dive in those elements to create some stunning pieces and pulls!” The touch of grass, the green opulence of trees, the smells of nature, the sounds of animals, the textures of rocks, well just about anything can inspire this luxury brand.   One of PullCast best sellers is the Kesya Pull. Portraying a coming back to the roots and evoking prosperity, the Kesya Family of Pulls are the perfect examples of how Earth and Nature inspire PullCast. This luxury brand drew inspiration from the very uneven texture of the bark pine tree to create this stunning pull.

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