PORRO 2020-2021 Collection- Shades of Green

Published on : Tuesday, August 17, 2021

This year once again, the fundamental ingredient of Porro’s home is material research: with passion, personality and an expert eye, the company has sifted through infinite suggestions to select only a fragment of it, resisting the erosion of time and fashion. The brand is inspired by the wonderful colors that mother nature offers in the entire spectrum of green shades, so as to obtain refined, sophisticated and relaxing soft tones, to harmoniously satisfy different tastes and styles.

In the Modern cabinet day system, the research focuses on the idea of “all full”, to create entire equipped walls that perfectly blend into the architecture and are used for storage, but – when necessary – open up to reveal secret niches.   The large Modern hanging composition is combined with a Verde Rameggiato marble Roc board, with the visual effect of an entirely closed and tightly-packed wall, reminiscent of the traditional Japanese home. An architectural solution with a strong scenic appeal that offers maximum capacity and utmost customisation.

This large storage area in black sugi is enlivened by the nice graphic interplay of the doors made of heat-treated oak, in contrast with the verde gris shade chosen for the interiors of the glass cabinets – with a metal frame painted in the same colour –which emerge as contemplative voids in the composition. Perfectly hidden behind the vertical sliding door in black stained canneté, available in the sizes 1200x 1400 and 1600 x 1800 mm, the TV compartment pops up only in moments of leisure.

The delicacy of green fits naturally into the environment, giving breath to the dense rhythm of the wooden doors and a feeling of calm and tranquility.

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