Poltrona Frau presented management level workspace at Orgatec

Published on : Thursday, November 3, 2016

poltrona frau_orgatecPoltrona Frau returned to Orgatec this year with a reworked concept of the management level workspace in response to evolution in office and business needs. The stand was designed by Dordoni Architetti to look like a contemporary architectural office.

The external skin of the stand was made of natural lime-coloured silicocalcareous slabs with openings that become the windows in a façade. Hollows and solids alternated to create an effect of transparency and dialogue between the outside and inside. The internal space was left deliberately free. The internal walls were only partially covered, solid plates giving them a destructured appearance and allowing glimpses of the back of the cladding on the façade. Hanging on the walls were photos, views of metropolitan cityscapes and windows onto the city, which represent the cosmopolitan vocation of Poltrona Frau and history spanning more than a century.

The workspaces were highly formal and elegant in design and materials. These multi-purpose zones can be places for concentration, strategic meetings, informal chats or private encounters. Mesa round table by Lella and Massimo Vignelli is perfect either for meetings or as a desk thanks to the pull-out sockets hidden at its centre. Jobs desks by Rodolfo Dordoni come in a smaller size for those wanting class and elegance even in smaller spaces.

Selective use of Hallingdal and Tonus Meadow fabrics by Kvadrat on some products stood out as one of the distinguishing features of the stand. A textured weave lend depth, three-dimensionality and a casual, fresh interpretation to some of the seating solutions, with Downtown armchair by Jean-Marie Massaud, multi-purpose armchair Assaya by Satyendra Pakhalé and Linea A sofa by Peter Marino standing out in particular.


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