Poltrona Frau introduce new designs by Jean-Marie Massaud

Published on : Thursday, April 20, 2017

At the Salone del Mobile 2017, Poltrona Frau renewed its collaboration with Jean-Marie Massaud with three new projects designed by the French designer.


poltrona frau Jay LoungeJay Lounge


The Jay Lounge armchair is a privileged realm to dedicate purely to ourselves. The seat is modelled around the body. The geometries are organic yet taut and sculpted. The backrest and seat are independent of each other. JeanMarie Massaud proceeds by subtraction, lightening the volumes and instilling movement into the composition. The armrests jut out jauntily, as if carved from the material.

The ergonomics of the seat are primarily visual and are confirmed by the absolute comfort of the constructions and volumes. Thanks to the advanced processing techniques, the padding is perfectly aligned with the structure, emphasising the clean forms and offering enveloping and comfortable surfaces. The natural complement for the comfort of the armchair is the footrest which, with its equally clean and sculpted design, comes in the same materials.

poltrona frau JeffJeff


With the Jeff project, Jean-Marie Massaud deconstructs and reconstructs the classic dining table chair according to the principles of radical architecture. It features perfectly recognisable primary geometries: A circle for the seat, a cylindrical profile for the backrest, four intersecting lines for the base.

All the elements that meet in a new vision: an incredibly modern seat that is almost like a sculpture; a noble and sophisticated presence that distinguishes and characterises the space. Clean and distinct forms, with soft and precious materials and manual craftsmanship make it a piece of art.

The backrest can be upholstered entirely in leather or with a leather exterior and fabric interior in adjustable aesthetic and material combinations.

The collection includes three highly architectural pieces to which new elements are gradually added in a modular crescendo. From the stool, a refined circumference positioned on top of a stem, to the armchair without armrests to which the cylindrical backrest is added, and through to the armchair with armrests, inserted at the sides like minimalist straight lines.

poltrona frau JaneJane


The Jane table is designed as an organic and free element in space. Jean-Marie Massaud subverts the balances of this object to define a new sculptural regality. The surface, vast and irregular, develops like a light sheet of material with three deliberately rounded corners.

Created from precious Emperador marble with its warm earthy tones, it sits atop three large supports that assume new compositional importance. With a square cross section but also irregular and rounded, they resemble three dolmen or three large tree trunks.

These three rough sculptures capture our attention and appear to be rooted in the earth, engendering a sense of solidity that acts as a counterbalance to the natural lightness of the surface. The ingenious steel junction between the legs and the top emphasises the sensation that the surface is floating in space.


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