Northern unveils their seating options

Published on : Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Northern - YamThe new seating options, from Northern, are flexible and create a dynamic living space that can be adjusted depending on what the setting requires.

Yam – Mattias Stenberg

This exhilarating series of contemporary seats was inspired by traditional Ottoman stools. The series includes a lounge chair, an ottoman and a pouf. Each of the designs is available in a selection of high-quality contemporary fabrics. The seats’ understated style is subtle enough to blend in with most interiors, yet striking enough to stand out in a contemporary space.

Each seat is made with soft contours that enhance comfort and add support to the overall structure. The seats are bordered by a single, unbroken seam that forms a soft edge around the sides. The version with the backrest is shaped by a subtle fold that divides the back from the seat. The designs will appeal to those who prefer a casual, comfortable furniture style, yet require firm seating that is easy to integrate into chic settings.

Northern - DaybeDaybe – Morten & Jonas

Characterised by clean lines, balanced proportions, tailored details and a buildingblock construction, this stunning sofa provides the cornerstone every interior needs. Although the sofa appears to form a fixed shape, the backrest detaches and slides onto the floor to create a comfortable bed. Unlike conventional sofa-beds constructed from coils, levers and springs, Daybe transforms from a sofa into a bed and back again in one smooth motion.

Daybe belongs to a new generation of sofas designed to balance function and practicality with comfort and style. The sofa is made with layers of cushioning materials that maximise comfort, combined with generous proportions that provide plenty of room for relaxing. Available in a variety of fabrics, the sofa will provide relaxation during daytime, and encourage deep sleep and sweet dreams at night.

Northern - OblongOblong – Mario Tsai

The relaxing contours of the Oblong lounge chair provide the supersize comfort of a recliner while being lighter and more comfortable than an overstuffed seat. Both the seat and backrest slope gently backwards, making Oblong relaxing to recline in.

Crafted from two padded discs attached to a minimalistic frame, the chair’s fluid form and geometric profile recalls shapes more typical of contemporary art than furniture design. Oblong was designed with an open base that allows light to pass through, enabling the lounge chair to fill a small space without appearing to crowd it. Although lightweight and comfortable, the chair’s frame forms a stable base that keeps the feet firmly in place.


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