The Normies family by Simon Legald for Normann Copenhagen

Published on : Monday, September 18, 2017

Normann_Copenhagen_NormiesThe Normies are a fanciful family of decorative figures, created by designer Simon Legald. The series of five jolly characters are named as: Normfred, Normus, NormNorm, Norma and Norm. During a design experiment with clay, the small figures came to life by chance.

Simon Legald says, “I was playing around with clay, in search of new shapes for another project, when I suddenly had five small little characters with their own personality before me.”

In order to preserve the little figures, the handmade models were put through a 3D scanner and drawn up. The finished figures are moulded in concrete and each painted in their own colour.

The eyes in particular give each of the Normies personality and life. Their expressive looks reflect mysterious human sentiments, which can give life to many imaginative tales.

The Normies pieces will be available on market from December 2017.


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