New flagship store for Minotti in Chengdu

Published on : Friday, November 3, 2017

minottiLocated in the heart of the lively financial district of Chengdu, in the southwest part of China, the “Minotti flagship store by LHC” was recently inaugurated. The store occupies an area of more than 400 square meters, dedicated entirely to showcasing the most representative items from the company’s collection, coordinated by Rodolfo Dordoni.

An extension of the company’s recent partnership with LHC, the new flagship store is a landmark destination for Asian consumers who are increasingly intrigued by and receptive to products featuring Italian design and quality.

Thanks to its charming architecture and the thoughtful attention to detail evident in every aspect of the interior decoration, the store offers visitors an authentic experience of the brand, expressed in a dynamic interplay of shapes, colors and sophisticated materials. The result is a refined ensemble of home decoration solutions that exude an elegant and cosmopolitan spirit, exquisitely in keeping with the venue and at the same time a pure expression of the Minotti style.

Spread out over a single floor, the exhibit space boasts double entrance doors and vast floor-to-ceiling windows. Once inside, visitors are welcomed into a very spacious living area featuring a dramatic central fireplace clad in wood paneling. Here some of the company’s best-selling items occupy pride of place, including the Freeman seating system and the Morgan table – paired, respectively, with the little armchairs and chairs from the Creed collection – and the Collar seating system, flanked by the Aston sofa and little armchairs.

Furnished with two face-to-face compositions of the Yang seating system and the Seymour sofa, the adjacent area is an open invitation to socializing and conversation.

Visitors continue to explore other spaces in the store, dedicated to displays of many elements from the company’s most recent collections, including the White sofa and the highly-acclaimed Hamilton seating system.

With the opening of the Chengdu flagship store, the company further strengthens its presence in an extremely significant and rapidly-expanding market, one that is increasingly drawn to the glamour and quality expressed through the brand’s elegant, international lifestyle.


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