Muuto presents new products for 2018

Published on : Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Muuto launched its latest design introductions during the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2018. These new designs included the Outline Sofa Chaise Longue, Loft Bar Stool, and Mimic Mirror.


Muuto - Outline Sofa Chaise LongueOutline Sofa Chaise Longue

Building on the existing Outline design that embodies elegant and uncompromising Scandinavian design is the latest member of the sofa family: The Outline Sofa Chaise Longue.

The design offers the visual characteristics and spacious comfort that has become synonymous with the original Outline series, joined by an extensive amount of comfort thanks to the addition of a chaise longue element. Here, the design joins a light, textural expression with sculpted shapes and a generous seat, accommodating the changing needs of contemporary private homes and modern office spaces.

Equally perfect for large interior spaces and intimate settings, the refined nature of the Outline Sofa Chaise Longue makes the design timeless addition to any environment.

Designers Anderssen & Vol comment, “Adding a chaise longue element to the Outline design gives the sofa an incredible comfort with generous shapes and an architectural expression, making it the heart of any home.”

Muuto - Loft Bar StoolLoft Bar Stool

The Loft Bar Stool by Danish designer Thomas Bentzen exemplifies honest, simple design – same as its chair counterpart. Using materials as an aesthetic touchpoint, the Loft Bar Stool is created with careful attentions to details through contrasting materials: here, its solid, powder coated steel base is offset with a warm plywood, shaped to accustom the body of its user.

In a nostalgic nod to industrial design, the bar stool’s cast frame—with larger back legs for added strength—is welded as a means of lending stability and durability to the design. Furthermore, visible screws enhance the crafted, engineered feel of the design.

Exploring the possibilities within material and form, the plywood seat and backrest of the Loft Bar Stool have been curved to bring forth proportions that aid the functional and sophisticated design to fit any setting with maximum comfort and a small footprint. The Loft Bar Stool comes in five different colors with textile upholstery available as made-to-order options. As an additional introduction, the Loft Chair will now also be available in textile upholstery versions as made-to-order designs.

Thomas Bentzen shares, “Being a natural extension of the Loft design, the Loft Bar Stool mixes the complementing opposites of robustness and elegance through materials—wood for the seat and back, metal for the frame—with a soft, industrial appeal. The bar stool has an archetypical look that gives a feeling of familiarity while the subtle details, such as its sturdy back legs, gives it a unique expression.”

Muuto - Mimic MirrorMimic Mirror

The idea for Mimic Mirror was sparked by the ordinary plastic mirrors that Normal Studio’s Jean-François Dingjian and Eloi Chafaï often saw in barber shops around Paris. The mirrors usually had a plastic pattern sculpted on their back, prompting the duo to translate this visual element into their own design language.

Mimic Mirror is designed with a base pillar, sculpted in cement, on which the mirror is positioned, encased in coated plastic. By juxtaposing materials, the design tinkers with contrasts by combining the heavy feel of cement with the soft touch of plastic, giving Mimic Mirror an at once sculptural yet friendly expression.

With reference to its name, Mimic Mirror applies repetitive elements throughout the design: the facets around the pillar base, the triangular pattern of the back and the mirrored glass reflecting what’s in front of it. Thanks to its graphical expression and friendly design, where one can tip the mirror up and down according to preference, Mimic Mirror brings a characterful and modern touch to any room, even when not in use.

Normal Studio said, “Mimic Mirror came from the idea of creating a table mirror that had a sculptural character, giving the design a strong expression that would make it at once an object of decoration and use. The mirror is a study of repetitions, seen with the graphic, triangular pattern on its back along with the reflection of its front glass and sculpted facets of the base. We wanted for the design to exist in harmony with the space in which it is present while adding to the atmosphere of the room through its characteristic expression.”



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