Moving Walls present new Multi-functional Panels

Published on : Friday, September 8, 2017

Moving PanelThe young and aspiring Swiss brand Moving Walls, founded in 2007, is slowly extending its collection of mobile, writeable tools. The brand presents a self-contained, multifunctional office system, which plays a vital part in shaping the discussion on ’the office of the future’.

With the Moving Panel and the Moving Acoustic Panel, the company introduces two new multifunctional tools which form the prerequisite for a new way of agile and interactive working. Simply and functionally structured, the modular system convinces with its reduced design and versatile applications. Unlike the classic whiteboard, the magnetic mobile wall and its new components, designed by Jörg Boner and produced in Switzerland, are intelligently conceptualised tools, which shape and structure open-plan offices and enable a new, agile way of cooperative working, idea finding and problem solving in groups.


The magnetic, writeable Moving Panel is a versatile tool and an ideal extension of the mobile whiteboard Moving Wall. Designed by Swiss designer Jörg Boner, the high-quality panel is available in two functional sizes and comes with the same high-end surface as the Moving Wall. The mobile, writeable presentation surface can effortlessly be attached to the Moving Wall or used as a stand-alone writeable surface on the wall by means of a rail-system of magnetic metal profiles, responding perfectly to the requirements of highly flexible working environments and methods. The mobile panel is an ideal tool for conference rooms, offices as well as for private settings.

The paper thin, frameless panel is magnetic and can flexibly be attached to the Moving Wall without even causing a sound. With a thickness of only one millimetre it is possible to continue writing from the panel onto the Moving Wall without a noticeable difference. Its lightweight and mobile nature means that the Moving Panel can comfortably be detached from the Moving Wall and placed as a piece of paper on a table in order to continue writing there. The small version with a length of 75 cm is an ideal and easy to handle messenger. The large size with 100 cm and a weight of 4 kilogram and the rounded edges of the panel mean that it can just as easily be carried.


The Moving Acoustic Panel is part of the multifunctional office system by Moving Walls and extends the versatile office collection with a functional acoustic panel. Also designed by Jörg Boner, the acoustic panel resulted out of the necessity to improve the room acoustics especially in open-plan offices. Easily to attach and detach from the especially designed wall-mounted railsystem as well as onto the Moving Wall, the Moving Acoustic Panel serves as a room divider as as well as to support a pleasant room atmosphere. In addition to an acoustic effectiveness, the Moving Acousstic Panel is pinnable and thus offers additional applications.

As a design element, it can also be attached to the rail-system or the Moving Wall and can serve simultaneaously as a pinboard. In combination with the Moving Panels, a multifunctional system emerges, whose individual modules and elements can be freely combined according to the working processes and activities, offering almost unlimited possibilities of application.

The recycled insulating material originates from Eco Panel and guarantees a high inherent stability. With a thickness of only 12 mm and a weight of 3 kilogram the Moving Acoustic Panel is easily transportable and contributes to the composition of flexible working environments. The Moving Acoustic Panel is available in the standard colours anthracite and stone grey.


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