Moving installation ‘Reflecting HOLON’ at Dutch Design Week

Published on : Monday, October 31, 2016

Reflecting Holon - ddwJetske Visser and Michiel Martens formed a collaboration at the Dutch Design Week to create ‘Reflecting Holon’ — a moving installation that investigates the refracting and reflecting properties of light and colour.

The world is surrounded with products that are mostly static while in nature everything always moves. Michiel Martens and Jetske Visser used this as inspiration for their work. The Holons capture light and glow. By putting the objects in motion, the material appears to melt into a liquid whole.

Looking like huge soap bubbles hanging from the roof, the holons are made of razor-thin iridescent strips attached to a rotating axis. This movement creates an illusion of a spherical form that breaks and disperses the surrounding light just like a soap bubble would: revealing all the colours of the rainbow.

The bubble-like holons are driven by simple electro-motors that sustain them without effort and as they move, the material appears to melt into a liquid whole. Once installed, the rotating pieces attract users in such a way that makes them want to touch them, explode them and even blow them away.


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