Marco Piva to develop new SMP company profile

Published on : Saturday, July 18, 2020

Over the years, SMP has acquired a consolidated design approach, integrating it perfectly in the many areas of masterplan, architecture and interior design.

For this reason SMP has renewed its style, creating new volumes that show a detailed overview of the projects carried out or under construction, offering elegant and transversal solutions declined in the different thematic areas of the design approach.


Functional, Long lasting and dynamic spaces

Studio Marco Piva’s projects in hospitality sector have a long history, a consolidated experience through the numerous and diversified projects carried out worldwide.
Every project has its own story, however the dedication and attention placed by Studio Marco Piva to achieve levels of aesthetic, functional and ethical excellence remain the same.


Designing residential complexes, Studio Marco Piva must be able to satisfy the needs of distinct yet complementary actors: the client on one side and the end user on the other: the complex historical and social context of a given area to develop a project encompassing not only “formal” aspects, but also the “spirit” of the place, which must be preserved.

Luxury Homes

The villas and private apartments realized by Studio Marco Piva respond to the most sophisticated needs and expectations of the clients and which stand out themselves in terms of their exclusive style: truly be-spoke projects, which reflect, and respect, the customer’s way of life.


Studio Marco Piva is constantly involved in showcase innovative creations in the field of architecture, interior and industrial design during exhibitions, trade-fairs, conferences. The attention placed to the requirements of today international lifestyle, creates a focal point to the research and development of the Studio’s displays: new spatial concepts, always with fascinating atmospheres and sceneries.

Urban Design

Studio Marco Piva has a solid experience in the field of comprehensive long range plan, especially abroad. The Urban plans studied are always respectful of the environment, not invasive and linked to the local surroundings.


The design concept of Studio Marco Piva for retail’s spaces comes from the need to describe one’s brand values, philosophy and successes, highlighting at the same time the products or services it offers. The design is never based on a simple display, but on the realization of extremely flexible and dynamic spaces and at the same time innovative and functional, that involves the visitor.

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