Marco Piva and Kreoo: an outstanding association

Published on : Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The effortless contribution to his passion took him to the height of achievement. Marco Piva- the master of making masterpieces, gives life to product. He is born with an extraordinary talents to make every project perfect and magnificent, his products are the example of authenticity and originality. He is the founder of ‘Atelier Design’, a design cell inside the structure of his own practice, where research and development are the fundamental keys of design.


On the other hand, Kreoo – is the ultimate destination to explore your obsession with marble. Kreoo is the expertise of dedication towards their design execution. Each products made by Kreoo is the bonding of affection, care and supreme design ability. Kreoo has been the perfectionist since they have started their motivational projects on marble. Kreoo has proved themselves by implementing unique organic shapes by using natural elements such as marble.


This time, Kreoo and Marco Piva jointly associated to execute an avant-garde production, TAO – a freestanding washbasin with a sculptural, elegant and clean shape. Marco Piva designed this beautiful object for Kreoo. Metal inserts emphasize the washbasins’ shape along its entire length and diameter, framing in the exquisite and and unique geometries of the marble material.


Tao’s essential design draws upon the “Yin and Yang” Taoist philosophy, involving the juxtaposition of bright and dark, full and empty spaces, lightness and heaviness, light and shadow, opposites that meet, in harmony.


TAO expresses the strength running through matter. A strong, graphic design, which reflects marble’s intrinsic dynamism. The metal insert is not only a beautiful design feature, but adds to the functionality of production. The sectioning of the washbasin allows TAO to be carved from multiple small blocks of marble, reducing the waste of material.


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