Marco Piva invents Versilia Collection

Published on : Monday, April 6, 2020

The Versilia collection was inspired by a journey along the Tuscan coast, when the sea is silent, and the boats remain in port. Sailboat ropes tip and sway as they are woven by the wind.


The metals, cloths, fabrics blend with ropes, as if to complete the work. This is how the Versilia collection expresses itself through its warped weaves which are hand woven by skilled Italian craftsmen.


The sinuous shapes of its precious metals envelop soft and welcoming cushions. Materials which invite the touch of their refined surfaces and colours that harmonise with different outdoor spaces – the sea, lake, mountains, and exclusive yachts.


The products fit to the living environment which is transformed and merged – removing the barrier between Home and Hospitality.


With its highly dynamic modularity, the Versilia Collection’s Forte dei Marmi sofa has several elements that can be freely combined. It has soft fabrics and welcoming shapes. The colours recall the natural colouring of the sea in a continuous succession with the expanses of light-coloured sand. These elements elegantly form the backdrop to a relaxing and fascinating environment which changes according to the needs. The backrest is original and its concept goes beyond the traditional seating with its rope or fabric weaves which supports the cushions and decorates the metal supporting structure.


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