The making of – theme for Dutch Design week 2016

Published on : Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Dutch Design week‘The making of’ is the theme for the 15th Dutch Design Week. The anniversary year is all about the making process and the makers. From October 22 to 30, 2500 national and international designers will be showing their latest work and the best of what design has to offer.

With this theme, DDW places the making process centre stage, honours the makers and tackles alienation. This takes place through revealing how products and services that we use every day are made, or where they are made.

DDW director, Martijn Paulen says: “We show that Dutch designers are critical and enterprising, make a lot themselves, but also tackle social issues. With ‘The making of’ we stimulate and appreciate both the investigative process and the end result. In doing this, DDW offers a look behind the scenes, but most especially a preview.”


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