Living the “home” space in a new way with Haptic by Ritmonio in Madeira

Published on : Saturday, July 17, 2021

Living the “home” space in a new way, Haptic by Ritmonio for the FD House, in Madeira. Located in the eastern quadrant of the island of Madeira, the newly built detached FD House is developed entirely on a single floor. Arch. Carla Vieira, who designed the building and the interiors accepted the input received from the client: being able to live the “home” space in a new way, combining design and comfort.

FD House stands out for a direct and continuous dialogue between indoor and outdoor, well represented by the swimming pool that develops among the two areas and by the patio as well – where a palm tree has been planted, an element that recalls the surrounding scenery, perfectly inscribing the construction in the natural context in which it is located.
A high aesthetic aspect characterizes the entire design: the materials and finishes chosen meet the most modern standards of interior design and are well combined with functionality. A good example of this are the custom-made doors designed by Arch. Vieira for the sleeping area. Without handle, they constitute a sort of uniform panel with a continuous surface, capable of closing and guaranteeing the right privacy of the owners and their guests.

The Haptic series is among the Ritmonio’s products with water saving features, characterised by the ECO water flow, less than 9 l/min, and it is designed to encourage to use the environmental resources responsibly.

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