Living Divani celebrates 2020 anniversary

Published on : Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Imagination, creativity and influences between styles, tributes to the past with a look to the future, products that interpret the rigorous and sophisticated yet youthful, playful and artistic essence of Living Divani.

Some products were born not only with the aim of furnishing and living the house but have made their way in the new millennium, by introducing new aesthetic needs and disruptive ways of experiencing relaxation.

Two are the products that are celebrating their 20 years of success, during which they have never cease to amaze, welcome and play with those living with them: Bloom and Wall!

Thus, happy anniversary in this 20+20 from Living Divani!

Perform and create: this is what has always characterized them.

On one hand Bloom, portrayed in different materic combinations and often chosen by young artists as the favourite product to express their artistic flair; on the other the revolutionary sofa Wall, perfect to create endless compositions that seamlessly match with every residential or contract project.

BLOOM, Design Piergiorgio Cazzaniga, 2000

Seemingly simple, Bloom, as its proper name states, hides an intrinsic complexity and beauty, exactly as a blooming flower. The steel structure supports the enveloping shell, whose colour harmoniously contrasts with the hide upholstery of the seat. With a delicate and unconventional grace, Bloom opens its flowering of always unique and elegant combinations, giving opportunities of a relax that evoke delicate feelings and gentle thoughts. Like Nature, which cyclically repeats itself, Bloom, designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga arises again, never ceases to amaze with its new representations that give everyone the possibility to express themselves freely, to create ever new interpretations even through unusual and innovative tools.

WALL, Design Piero Lissoni, 2000

Wall evokes the smooth and bare surface of a masonry: squared lines and sharp corners for a sofa with a severe and strong character. Seats, backrests and armrests of unusual measures are the freely combinable tile through which the sofa takes shape within the space, animating it with contrasts of lights and shades. Several people are sitting on a Wall sofa; some of them chose it 20 years ago, some others are still favoring it without knowing that this model, designed by a visionary Piero Lissoni, represented a dip into modernity: the launching pad for the new millennium of Living Divani. From its evolution, some of the most iconic pieces of the brand like Extra Wall and its soften version Extrasoft, were born.

Words, images and graphical patterns for plays of memory and fantasy, typical of a creativity at work. Because design is Heritage, but also interpreter of the contemporary world which it enjoys interacting with; you sit in it, you sleep in it, you wake up in it, you read it, you rest in it, you eat dinner in it, you have lunch in it, you play in it, you stop to think in it, you hunker down in it, you curl up in it. In short, looking forward to discovering soon your multiple personalities, happy anniversary Bloom and Wall!

Stay tuned to celebrate with us Bloom and Wall, through our social media channels!

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