Linetaste unveils innovative surfaces for LineKitchen project

Published on : Tuesday, September 27, 2022

HDsurface was chosen for an exclusive project, a series of spaces dedicated to the world of cooking that make up the LineKitchen line, in a refined, minimalist style, designed by the Linetaste team based in Seoul, Korea with the aim of creating places that respond to the needs and the aesthetic of the contemporary lifestyle. This aim is achieved in interiors with a clean and simple taste, an invitation to pleasure and relaxation. Neutral shades of grey and beige dominate the rooms, creating subtle interplays of light that illuminate the interiors in effective yet understated style.


The products chosen for this project are CementoWabi and GeoTexture, used both on the walls and on the ceilings, giving the rooms visual and stylistic continuity.


In line with the ideals of the Japanese theory of aesthetics, CementoWabi, consisting of cement, white Carrara marble and water, emphasises the beauty of imperfection. Flaws, irregularities, changes and evolutions over time give CementoWabi a life of its own, enabling it to dialogue with people and space. A product conceived for projects that place the language of matter at the centre, defining spaces through the expressive strength of cement. Surfaces of substance, with a spatula effect that gives interiors a shabby chic appeal. The company’s constant research into original solutions for contemporary interiors also offers a colour range that brightens the coldest shades of cement, extending their personality with unusual tones thanks to the HDsurface natural earths.


GeoTexture is a ready-to-use monolithic covering, an easily applied mortar that does not require mixing or catalysts and offers professional’s new opportunities for the creation of DIY bespoke surfaces. Breathable and solvent-free, it is a safe, eco-friendly product. Compact in look, GeoTexture joins different architectural volumes together like an even, continuous skin, but with a strong visual and tactile identity. Developed for indoor use for covering large areas of walls or floors (including with medium traffic), furnishings and design features in private and public locations, with its excellent mechanical properties, such as resistance to water, acids and alkalis, it is also ideal in the most demanding contexts, such as shower trays and kitchen worktops. Thanks to its ease of use and the vast range of colours available, including all the HDsurface natural colours, GeoTexture is the perfect solution for refurbishing interiors and creating highly decorative surfaces.


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