Italamps’s Glamorous Lighting Collection in iSaloni

Published on : Thursday, May 7, 2015

This year iSaloni was glittering with Italamp’s glamorous lighting collection. The splendid collection of lights amazed isaloni viewers.

491-110-eff copy 1Crowns
Crowns is a collection of light objects characterized by an elegant beauty, designed for indoors, public or private ones. The LED light source illuminates sections of glass, blown and individually hand made by experienced glass masters.

The various sections of glass, pulled together, are a reference to the eighteenth century, and give life to shapes that recall memories of bells, domes and crowns. The glass shapes  reflect the light through the use of LED micro-projectors, emphasizing the light effects and spreading it in the surrounding space in a spectacular way.

Crowns collection has been studied in different shapes and sizes, able to fit representative and elegant environments, as well as smaller and private ones.

215-26-38-dett copy 1Fata Morgana
A Fata Morgana is an unusual form of mirage created by distinct layers of warm and cold air, distorting and bending light just above the horizon.

The Fata Morgana lantern however, wants to be a more honest guide. A guide that subtly directs ripples of light from its veiled source, setting the scene and creating a focal point for admiration. Its radiating presence adds a sense of magic and mystery to any space.

Suspended from a ceiling, Fata Morgana lanterns are like fireflies, effortlessly transforming interiors into mystical sanctuaries. Fata Morgana’s roots are found in craftsmanship, cultural heritage as well as modern technology. A thousand and one stories resonating from the past but embracing the future by the sustainable use of LED.

990-100 copy 1Zeus
Zeus is a system lighting solution that blends modern design forms with traditional manufacturing processes.

The shape of the crystal piece, its cut, and construction itself embody basic universal principals of geometry into its form. Due to this Zeus offers variety of possible system constructions for lobbies or offices as well as unique hanging or freestanding light for residential interiors.

Zeus uses LED stripe as a light source, which illuminates uniformly each crystal piece from the outside to the inside, but it can also use daylight for emmissive properties of the crystal if positioned correctly.

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