ITALAMP introduces Collier lighting system

Published on : Thursday, May 18, 2017

collier ItalampFor Collier, the new lighting system from Italamp, Marc Sadler makes remarkable use of glass. The concept is based on the countless possible combinations of different elements in natural glass – a play of connections and directions that creates an impressive, showy result.

The name Collier refers to a virtual collection of jewellery for an elegant lady. Aesthetically, the objects can range from strictly minimal to hyper-decorative, bringing to mind necklaces, pendent earrings or broaches in a playful, symbolic way that expresses the system’s richness.

Collier contorts and seduces in a structure enlivened by infinite variations of light and colours, with completely original forms. Conceived in a variety of compositions, Collier is suitable for residential settings, as well as commercial and hotel environments. A product with a complex allure that attracts and enchants, it is available in combinations that include single vertical or horizontal elements, as well as table, floor and wall light versions. Collier easily finds its place and creates charming settings.

Collier perfectly reflects the spirit of Italamp and the desire to boldly decorate, with a hypnotic style that can modify the look of an interior and reinvent itself with continually changing shapes. The LED lighting system is composed of 8 glass elements, the pearls, which can be combined in countless different ways.

With respect to shape, each model can be composed of all 8 pearls, a selection of them or even a single repeated unit. The light is available in 10 standard colours, but can be customized upon request. Finally, the overall model can feature simple or three-strand necklaces, chessboard-like combinations, animal shapes, columns or cascades, etc., in dimensions ranging from limited to limitless. The result can be either static or in movement. While the static installation speaks for itself, Italamp’s unique ability to work with the movement of the elements, which can have thousands of aspects, enlivens these ensembles and lends them an almost magical allure.

A unique lighting system that combines form, light, colour and movement, it skilfully blends technology, aesthetics and symbolism to create impressive pieces. The only limit is one’s imagination.


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