Insplosion offers perfect room lighting ideas

Published on : Saturday, June 6, 2020

Install inspiring Insplosion collection in the bed room to light up sleeping cycle. The layout and design of the bedroom can have a powerful impact on individual’s ability to sleep. Light is the single most important factor in the timing of one’s sleep-wake cycle, so it has to be used carefully in the bedroom. The layout and placement of furniture as well as illumination of the room is important as it impacts on human mind and help in relaxation after the daily stressful work. Life today is complicated and challenging. It is struggle for the survival of the fittest in the society. Amidst all humdrum, it is essential that the body gets adequate rest and wake up rejuvenated every morning to face the day in a better way. Hence, sleep cycle has to be perfect and relaxing, and with right level of illumination it is easy to create a perfect environment for deep slumber.

Artificial light sources that emit blue light like televisions, laptops, e-readers, and high-efficiency (HE) light bulbs impact negatively on human eyes and restrict them from absolute relaxation. Their blue spectrum light suppresses sleep hormones just like sunlight, which can interfere with a normal sleep cycle. The heavy use of technology is one reason nearly one-third of all adults in the United States get less than the recommended seven hours of sleep.

For the best possible sleep, there should be a perfect control in both natural and artificial light in the bedroom. Window Placement and Bed Orientation: Windows on the North and South sides of a house make it easier to manage natural light because the bedroom doesn’t take direct morning or afternoon sun. East or West-facing windows, however, are another matter. If that’s the case in the house, place the bed either underneath or to the side of the windows to reduce early morning and late evening light exposure. So managing the bed and light fittings in the room one may easily manage the sleep cycle and improve health condition.

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